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Current Audiobooks

Published in 2020
Shadows on a Distant Shore.jpg
It is 1904. A series of unusual events, including the murder of a French agent, a large concentration of the Kaiser's intelligence operatives, and vague reports about a deep-cover Russian agent who is spying on the Czar, give Gerard de Montclaire yet another opportunity to prove his mettle as the finest detective of the Edwardian Era. He and his lifelong associate, Sir Francis FritzMaurice, are drawn to Lake Constance. There, in the lonely borderlands between Imperial Germany and Switzerland, they unravel a tangled skein of espionage, international financial schemes, and the testing of a terrible new secret weapon in the Kaiser's arsenal. In the mix, Montclaire must defeat a cunning assassin, recover sensitive documents, and unmask a ruthless master spy who is willing to commit the most horrible of crimes.
Published in 2019
The Tears of War and Peace.jpg

It is the spring of 1912 and London is the centre of western civilisation. David Griffiths is determined to grab the opportunities which abound but unwittingly gets caught up in in the suffragette movement, falling for the tempestuous Emily. It is a turbulent period of massive change, the greatest in history. The First World War is looming, social change is sweeping away the old inhibitions and social structures. Europe is a seething cauldron where never before have so many people been on the move, looking for a better way of life. For many, America beckons. But is it the land of milk and honey that it is claimed to be? Evan, David's father, is about to find out as he works towards the ultimate goal. 

Throughout the period, the enmity of a German family follows David with tragic results. 

Henke has created a tale of intrigue and adventure in this the second book of his Tears Series. The characters come to life against the backdrop of the time. His research, as always, is meticulous.

An Unfolding Soul.jpg

From the bestselling author Douglas Westcott comes An Unfolding Soul - A tale of Bath; an inspiring novel of resilience and reinvention, set in Britain's finest Georgian city. Ian Morris lies in a coma in Bath's Royal United hospital, mind and body shattered, with nothing remaining of his hard-earned fortune...can he recover to re-build his property empire? Will he be part of the greed-driven destruction gripping historical Bath in the swinging 60s? Or will he soften his rapacious desire for profit and recognize how to change his own destiny and restore the city's fortunes? An Unfolding Soul continues Wescott's sweeping, coming of age saga, painting a shocking portrait of Bath, and shining a spotlight on little-known aspects of the city's colorful past. Business, politics, and history are interwoven in this pause-resisting tale, with Westcott's engaging prose filled with moments of cultural interest, humor, and ultimately, hope.


A gruesome display of frozen corpses on the frozen Thames spells doom for Mycroft Holmes.

Scotland yard singles him out as the main suspect of a series of violent crimes, because they're all connected by a single thread; Mycroft's name.  As public attention rises, he fights to avert any danger to his family and the Secret Service.

To capture the culprit, Mycroft has to face an exceedingly uncomfortable truth about himself, which puts not only his career, but his very life into question.


The "Old-fashioned narratives" anthology is a collection of challenging and multi-faceted stories and novellas by Vladimir Odoyevsky, a writer virtually unknown outside of Russia. As a narrator, Tony approached each story as he might a standalone piece, using his formidable talent to lend voice and personality to the various sets of characters and bring to life the many moods and settings. As the result, the collection offers the listeners an engaging journey, through many times, places, and lives. 

Published in 2018
Stonebridge Manor.jpg
October 2018
May 2018
December 2018
Published in 2017

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