Dependable quality

  • Highly dependable and believes in getting the job done right.

  • Gets the best of a script as presented.

  • Will check house styles, place names, people’s name and unusual words.

  • Check for copy ambiguities or errors.

  • Will provide alternative takes if required.


A background in performance

  • Has a strong background in verbal performance and clear diction.

  • Has worked independently with BBC Radio and BBC TV.

  • Performance work includes poetry reading, acting and producing radio dramas.

  • Presenting regular weekly radio programmes on music and the arts.

  • Has an extensive knowledge of historical and architectural subjects.


A versatile voice

  • His strength is being versatile, handling almost any type of voice.

  • Will find the right voicing style for projects.

  • Straight delivery through to some dialects and accents.

  • Specialising in documentary commentaries.

  • Alter his style with ease and work with clients.


Make personal contact

Getting the right voice for your project is where you may need advice.

  • Listen to the samples on this web site to get an idea of what you need

  • Talk it through first to be sure you are getting precisely what you need for your project.

Call 07762 133775 or email Tony enquiries@tonycleary.com.

Sample 1 - Radio

Radio Interview

Sample 2 - Commercial

Commercial product promotion

Sample 3 - Character

Professor Chip


Father Christmas

A Christmas Poem


Lion King

Sam's Christmas Pud

Sample 4 - Commentary

Wildlife soundtrack