Tony is a regular broadcaster and a familiar voice on radio

  • Presenting regular weekly programmes on music, both jazz and classical as well as the arts.

  • Producing radio programmes for local radio.

  • Presenter on BBC sound documentaries.

  • An actor on stage in radio plays.

These skills as a familiar radio voice can be applied to enhance your project, whether it is

  • Documentary series

  • Visual aid promotion that requires a suitable commentary.

Listen to the voice and look at the visual images.

Television documentaries

Tony has written and presented his own scripts for TV documentaries, on a variety of subjects including architecture and the built environment. These have been shown on local channels and at national exhibitions on promoting historic buildings or commercial products.

  • Consider adding his commentary to your visual images.

  • Look at some of documentaries he has made.

  • Listen to the commentaries.

  • Take a look at some of his TV programmes.

It will help to get his advice first. The extracts show his style of presentation, which will work well with your project.

Stage acting

His experience in repertory theatre over a 25 year period has honed his skills and as an actor, in voice production and presentation. It is an important dimension to making videos and voice overs on product promotion.

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